You Are Enough

I have recently met a number of mothers with young children, who are feeling a huge void within themselves. They all experience a sense of having no purpose, not feeling good enough or being unhappy and unfulfilled in everyday life. These mothers wake up in the morning to a routine that is no longer stimulating. Many of you can relate to these mothers who are experiencing boredom and begin to question yourself and purpose.

So what is this deep void or inadequacy related to? Why are there such deep feelings of “I am not good enough or I have no purpose?” Why are you so affected by how other people see you, especially with your friends and families?

When you accept that you made personal choices, which brings you great joy, then what others say to you is meaningless. Once you start looking outside for happiness, or you compare yourself to others, you will naturally feel miserable and unhappy. For now, you are where you are at this moment and time because that is where you need to be. Remember, you were once very happy with your choice to have a family and raise your children. Accept that being a mother with young children will take you away from your business or your high profile corporate life. You signed up for this divine contact of motherhood so why not enjoy it and be the best mother possible.

What if I told you that your purpose in life is to be the best version of yourself – will you be ready to look deeper within yourself and find all aspects that brings you happiness and meaning. What if everything that you are searching for will not give you a greater identity or make you feel more complete?

We spend so much of time searching for our life’s purpose, believing that we are nothing and we are empty, that we actually start believing our stories. We sometimes project our lives as being boring and empty of happiness. If happiness is what you are searching for, remember it has to come from inside you. No career, friends, high society life will make you happy. It can contribute to aspects of your happiness but it’s not the ultimate happiness.
Look at what will give you a sense of purpose – what will bring you more joy, happiness and fulfilment. Start looking at the small things in life and step by step you will get closer to your purpose. You won’t simply find it in your career or a bigger work project or that one big WOW moment, but rather in the smaller things in life which is so easily missed.
Find that little something inside of you that makes you smile. Nurture yourself, connect to your inner self, and surround yourself with people who supports your goals and visions and not those that make you feel worthless because you are “just a mother”. There is love and happiness all around you, don’t miss it because you are too busy feeling miserable and unfulfilled.

Accept that just for now, one of your many purposes, is to take care of the children, manage your home and create that special feeling that only mothers know best. Being a mother is a true blessing, it’s a gift.

Your time will come again when you can put on your smart office wear, swop your sneakers for your high heels, ditch the big family car for your snazzy sports car and get back into your zone. What if that time comes again and you realise that it is not the happiness and purpose you were yearning for. Where will that leave you?

Always remember, happiness is an inside job. So find the joy and magic in the small simple things in life. Most of all, be kind to yourself, practice self-love, honour and respect yourself, stand in your own truth and power and acknowledge that You are Enough.

I am Enough…feel it from deep within your heart.

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