The yoga mat journey


“My mat is my canvas and yoga is my art.”

We don’t often give much thought to our yoga mat during our yoga practice. For most people the yoga mat is just a tool or prop that we use during our practice, yet the yoga mat is one of the most important parts of yogic practice. The yoga mat defines our sacred space, sets the tone for our practice and becomes the space where transformation and healing occur.


3 tips to make the most of your yoga mat:

  1. As you step on to your yoga mat, consciously let go of your ego by reciting one of these affirmations:
  • I let go of all expectations
  • I surrender my ego to the Universe.
  • I am humble and my possessions do not feed my spirit.

Releasing your ego, allows you to let go of your own judgement and be fully present in the moment. It makes you vulnerable to your practice, which allows for more healing to occur.


  1. Take a few minutes to connect your feet on your mat which helps to ground you. Feel every part of your feet on the mat. Be grateful for the support and comfort provided as you flow into your asanas.


  1. Keep your mat clean – physically and emotionally. Keeping our mat clean is important not only from a hygiene point of view but also to remove any negative emotions or energy that we release during our practice.

The next time you step onto your mat, imagine that you are Aladdin stepping onto his magic carpet. Be respectful, grateful and enjoy the happiness and support your mat brings to you.

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