Steadying the Heart

This meditation is intended to guide you to connect to your heart and navigate through life during times of disturbances or uncertainty. The sense of not knowing or loss of control over situations in life can be very frustrating. It causes internal conflict, leads to fear and lack of trust. It is at times like this that we must go deeply into prayer and meditation so that we can stay connected to our truth – our heart space. 

Choose a place to meditate where you will not be disturbed. Sit in a comfortable meditation position, palms resting on your legs, forefinger and thumb gently touching and keep your spine upright. Adjust yourself so that your body is not feeling tensed. 

Let us begin by focusing on our breathing in order to cleanse our energy of all impurities and impressions.

With each inhalation let your breath be long and even, and with each exhalation allow your body to drop within itself and become lighter. Continue to focus on your breath and allow your body to release and let go of tension, stress and heavy emotions.

Allow yourself to anchor your awareness to your breath. Listen to the flow of your breath without making any judgments. Let the chattering of the mind start to settle and let the body become more and more relaxed.

Now take some time to look within the heart chakra or heart centre. Observe the space. Connect to the emotions and feelings that arise. Gently allow all heavy emotions to leave the heart space, surrender to the Universe or to God. Observe your space and simply let fear, worries and anxiety leave your body.

Sit in your own silence…be peaceful, calm and still.

When you are ready, rub your palms together and place them over your face. Slowly open your eyes, slide your hands down, squeeze your fingers and toes and be fully awakened.

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