March 3, 2017


The purpose of our retreats is to take you away from your regular daily activities and to give you the luxury of time to slow down and to go inwards. It is a time for self-analysis and for attaining clarity, vision and inspiration for your life holistically. For many centuries, people of various cultures have always turned to India for self-discovery and spiritual wisdom whether it is for meditation, yoga or even ancient practices to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.

Our retreats are held in various parts of India but we mainly visit Rishikesh, a beautiful and tranquil place at the foothills of the Himalaya mountain. Rishikesh is the land of yogis, ashrams, yoga and meditation. In this environment, we bring together simplicity and higher consciousness which actually helps you to adapt better to various life situations. Our retreats will reach your core-being where you will learn how to you manage yourself and to find your stillness in chaos.

During our retreats, you will be given skills and tools of spiritual value systems which will enhance your business and relationships thus creating better balance in life. It’s all about going inwards, connecting to you deepest self and creating a life you wish to live. Our team of yoga and meditation masters in Rishikesh will take you on a phenomenal journey of enlightenment in our yoga and meditation retreats.