March 3, 2017


Mindfulness is our ability to be in the present moment without any judgments. As Jin Kabat defines it “paying attention on purpose and non-judge mentally”. Mindfulness is powerful as it helps you to transform your life and your relationship with others in a calm, loving and compassionate way. Being mindful helps you to shift from being in auto-pilot mode and to take control of your life, to  be present from moment-to-moment becoming more aware of your thoughts and actions. All meditations have some element of Mindfulness, which stems from Buddhist principles.

Mindfulness for Mums:

Mindfulness is a powerful practice that can help you navigate the ups and downs of motherhood and help you be the mom and person that you want to be.

The Art of Mindful Parenting:

This workshop explains how to raise a happy, healthy family and how to keep them anchored through your various value systems and wisdom.

Mindfulness and Yoga at the Workplace:

Learn the skills and tools for stress management and productivity.

Mindfulness for Teens:

Meditation gives a child the time and space needed to clear their mind and allows them to relax. This is where creativity flows, and kids get into their “safer space”. Mindfulness clears their mind, helps to connect to their body and allows them to become silent and peaceful.

Mantra and Tibetan Gong Meditations:

This workshop involves meditating on a mantra and using sound therapy which increases one’s spiritual vibration. Learn how to become completely silent, paying attention just to sound whilst increasing your spiritual vibration and improve your intuition.

Breath-work Meditation:

Vital energy is essential in getting the body to function at its optimum, despite any daily disturbances. Deep breath work changes the state of body at cellular level. It releases stress and improves the nervous system enhancing focus and concentration.