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Holistic Healing Connection is a wellness, healing and meditation centre.

Holistic Healing Connection is a wellness, healing and meditation centre established in 1999 and is situated in Johannesburg. Our centre specializes in a number of alternate therapies that work on the mind, body and the soul. Inner awakening and transformation is important for an individual to be at peace with his or her inner and outer world. Our practice provides a safe healing environment for our diverse clientele who are treated with the utmost care, respect and compassion that they deserve. Through a wide variety of treatments available, one is able to treat oneself holistically but in a personalized manner creating a well-balanced life.


Reiki Master

Holistic Healing Connection was founded by myself, Sharita Singh-Madhav in 1999. Over the years my work has grown into the UAE, Europe and India. I am a Reiki Master, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Reflexologist, Yoga and Meditation teacher and Retreat Facilitator. I work intuitively by using the principles of spiritual value systems to assist my clients to develop and sustain themselves in all aspects of their lives.

My course of therapy begins with treating the individual’s emotional imbalances, as I believe that by healing the unresolved emotional disturbances, the physical body will be restored to optimum health. Therapy at Holistic Healing Connection stems not just from a wealth of knowledge and experience, but from a place of my love and care for people and the need to see them live a life with deep purpose and passion. My aim is to enable my clients to feel whole, fulfilled and emanating light and positive energy.

Some of Holistic Healing Connection’s achievements include winning the award for Best Healing Practice in Johannesburg in The Best of Joburg Awards and the Phytomer Business Excellence Award in 2004. My love for children has led me to creating a self development workshop for children and is also based on my book, Zen for Kids. Zen for Kids is aimed at inspiring and uplifting young children by giving them various skills and tools to cope better in life. The success of my Zen for Kids led me to creating a self-development Journal for adults.

I pride myself in giving back to the community by volunteering at the Mother Teresa house in Kolkata and working closely with under-privileged children in Rishikesh, India. My vision is to create a safe healing home for the young abused children.


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